Nickel Free 50 litre tanks, chemicals to fill, frame and baskets (Dewatering oil 833)

£2,734.32 ex VAT


What’s included:

7 tanks and lids (approx. 610mm x 415mm x 420mm), 2 heat mats, 25 litres of Blackfast 181NF (will make 100 litres of working solution), 10 litres of Blackfast 551 (will make 100 litres of working solution), 25 litres of Blackfast 716 (will make 50 litres of working solution), 50 litres of Blackfast 833.

Powder coated steel frame in two sections with 2 drainage trays and 2 stainless steel baskets.

Starter Pack containing process description, basic setup and training guide, tank labels, Application and Safety Data Sheets, Training CD and COSHH assessments.

The chemicals supplied should black, at least, 150 square meters of steel.

Please note that the chemicals are topped up with neat solution when they become weak, not disposed of.

The chemicals included with the system have the following warning labels:

Diluted for use:








As supplied: